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Detailed introduction of High Pressure Plunger Pump


1.Working Principle of High Pressure Plunger Pump:
Plunger pump is an important device of hydraulic system. It relies on the plunger in the cylinder reciprocating movement, make the volume of the sealing cavity changes to achieve oil absorption, oil pressurized. Plunger pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation, and is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow regulation occasions, such as hydraulic press, engineering machinery and ship. Plunger pump is a kind of reciprocating pump, which belongs to the volume pump, its plunger is

driven by eccentric rotation of the pump shaft,reciprocating motion, and its suction and discharge valve are all one-way valves.The pressure in the work chamber is reducing when the plunger is pulled out and the outlet valve is closed, so the inlet valve opens and liquid enters when the pressure is lower than the inlet pressure; The pressure in the work chamber is rising when the plunger is pushed in and the inlet valve is closed, so the outlet valve opens and liquid discharges when the pressure is higher than the outlet pressure.


2.Assembly type of high pressure plunger pump: Horizontal type/Fixed type/Movable type.

3.Transmission type of high pressure plunger pump: Electric motor/Diesel engine/Gear box/Belt pulley/Electromagnetic speed regulation/Frequency conversion speed. Each variety is equipped with a pressure regulation valve which make the pump pressure adjustable.


How to select High Pressure Plunger Pump and High Pressure Cleaning Machine

1.Depending on the length of use:

General high-pressure cleaning machine can be divided into two kinds: household and professional use. A home cleaning machine would be better if use frequency is less than 50 hours per year, which has cheaper price ,light weight and simple material, but non-heat resistance. If use frequency is more than 100 hours then its necessary to consider a professional high pressure cleaning machine, which has large size,copper alloy pump head, stainless steel valves and other durable material, of course with more expensive price than home cleaning machine. So the choice determined by consumers requirement.

2. Depending on the demand of cold water or hot water:

High pressure cleaning machine can be divided into hot water and cold water type according to the requirements. In general, most of cleaning machine on the market is cold water type which can put into use with tapping into normal temperature water;But some need to wash with hot water,then must choose hot water type. Inject hot water to cold water type will cause big damage to pump and internal parts.

3. Choose nozzle:

Different nozzles have different cleaning effect. Such as round water column nozzle has high cleaning efficiency, fan nozzle has low pressure spray by its rotary nozzle (also soap water spray) and high pressure fan water column, low pressure nozzle can spray water flow for gently scrub and etc.



After-Sales Service Commitment

1. The warranty period of complete sets sold by our factory is one year ( except wearing parts ). if there is any quality problem during the warranty period, we shall be responsible for free maintenance.

2.Arrival at scene within 48 hours after receiving the repair notification.

3. Any problems in installation and debugging can read instruction manual with machine or turn to after-sales service telephone for technical guidance.

4.In addition to the above mentioned commitments, our company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations when the state has relevant laws and regulations.

5.During the warranty period,any malfunction and damage cause by improper operation, modification or disassembly of the user, our company will carry out paid service.




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